Welders + Philosophers = Humans [READ]
"Now that classes at U.S. colleges and universities are well under way and we're closing in on election day, this is a good time for college students, faculty, and campus communities as a whole to remind ourselves what's at stake in November…"

The Battle At Bargen Way [READ]
"The name of the street I live on is Bargen Way and The Battle at Bargen Way is the term I long ago gave to my studio practice. So, let me tell you about the battle at Bargen Way…"

An Implausible Ending (Becoming Self-Directed Learners) [READ]
"I credit and blame my three years in the Center for ending up in a field of work that I would have laughed off as completely implausible when I was a high schooler. Still at some point, I got it in my head that nothing could be more challenging than being an artist and a teacher…"

Squash and Stretch (Material Journal) [READ]
"In 2004 I wrote that the answers to the world's problems are in cartoons..."

Ten, a Number between 9/11 (ARTUS Magazine) [READ]
"In July 2002, Artforum magazine invited me to submit a 'Top Ten' for its Fall '02 issue. The following is nearly the same draft I sent them. The peculiarities of being an artist and a teacher in the same year that followed 9/11 motivated my attempt to write something that counldn't be construed as a shopping list. Artforum rejected it..."

A Wastrel's Progress and the Worm's Retreat (Art Journal) [READ]
"It wasn't until I finished writing this paper that I realized that what I most want from my labor as an artist is utterly conventional. It's the same thing most people want from work - seucrity, both financial and psychological. That shouldn't have come as any surprise to me. Security would be on the minds of most mid-career workers. Of course security of all kinds is hard to come by these days..."